In 2005, Washington became the first state in the US and possibly in the world - to entact the GREEN BUILDING LEGISLATION.

According to the law, all major public agency facilities with a floor area exceeding 5,000 sq. ft. are required to meet or exceed LEED standards.

While majority of the world still talking of Green as the future tense, we believe the future is now. It is only a matter of time before every building will need to have a distinctively green side to it.  No green.  No permission
Approx 50% savings on energy consumption
Approx 30% savings on potable water
Operational savings right from day one
Upto 38% reduction in waste water production
Upto 22% reduction in construction waste
Higher productivity (10 – 15 %)
Green corporate image

The integration of green building concepts into designs will require 3 to 7 % higher upfront investment but at the same time helps reduce operational cost on one hand and increase employee productivity on the other, the benefits of which will be passed on directly to the tenants.
Finally, green is not just the colour of money but ironically, could be.

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